How Digital Marketing is shaping Consumer Experience for Brands

How Digital Marketing is shaping Consumer Experience for Brands

Chandler Bing said “so it seems like this internet thing is here to stay, huh?”, and could it be any more true? Since 1995 the modern e-commerce business is growing rapidly and it has influenced the buying behavior of the consumers dramatically. It has proven to be a game-changer in every sense, brands are now molding their strategies to engage more and more customers using digital platforms. Social media feeds are the digital world’s billboard and brands are using it very strategically to target their customers. In today’s world consumers are more aware than ever before, they want to know every important detail about the product they are purchasing and about the companies they interact with and to build the brand loyalty the brands need to be transparent and have a presence online.

How is it influencing brands?

The Digital era has compelled the brands to take initiative in bringing something new to the market and engage with potential customers with something innovative, be it a product or service or technology and a lot of things to survive in this competitive universe. Businesses are using Digital Marketing to enhance their services as they get the feedback directly from the users through websites’ feedback form section, comments on the posts, reviews from the users through business supporting platforms such as Swiggy, Zomato, Ola, Nykaa. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing doesn’t have any geographical restrictions and this helps the brands to have an interaction with the customers regardless of where they are. By analyzing data from Google Analytics or social media, brands use the information to determine what resonates with the customers and can improve customer service by building strong brand loyalty. Digital marketing has allowed all kinds of business to compete against each other

How is it affecting consumers?

The number of internet users has been increasing around the globe rapidly and it has made it very important for brands to mark their online presence and create a significant impression on consumer’s minds. Social media has proven to be a big game-changer when it comes to influencing the buying behavior of consumers. Customers now often use the popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to share their responses and experience about a product, and brands have seized this opportunity to engage customers and interact with them.

We come across hundreds of ads online every day,and for someone interested in digital marketing should understand why only a few of them create an impact on the end-user.

When Netflix, the world’s most popular on-demand media streaming platform, wanted to enter the Indian market they needed a strong strategy that could strike a chord with the Indian audience. They released short videos featuring a recognized face among the youth of the country, standup comedian Abish Mathew from All India Bakchod. In the short videos, they have subtly highlighted the advantages of Netflix over traditional TV, as they offer a wide variety of content from across the world. The used hashtags #LifeWithoutNetflix and #TheNetflixLife generated and were successful in creating a buzz on Facebook and Twitter. 

A well-known laundry detergent brand in India Ariel wanted to stand out from its competitors so they used the topic of gender inequality in their campaign and tried to bring out their ideology and brand identity through the hashtag #ShareTheLoad. This campaign was Ariel’s best campaign yet and it even a Glass Lion for its content marketing.

As India had multiphase National Elections previous year, United Colors of Benetton brought up a strong and massive social media campaign titled #UnitedByVote. This insightful campaign was an initiative to acknowledge the power of democracy and why every citizen must vote. The campaign had also brought celebrities such as Saif Ali Khan, Bhumi Pednakar, Siddhanth Chaturvedi and Sundeep Kumar Chugh, CEO & MD of Benetton India into a panel discussion.

Alexa artificial intelligence assistant by Amazon helps one in their everyday life. The brand wanted to create an impactful presence during the super bowl. So to do this they did a brilliant move by bringing celebrities and using their voice instead. Not only was it a very successful campaign with nearly 30 million views on YouTube but it also sends out a profound message as to how much we are dependent on technology in our daily lives.

#Don’tLetDreamsWait for a social media campaign by P&G India shows the story of a man who didn’t go to school while growing up as there were no schools in the village and got the opportunity to get educated at the age of 75. Now for over a decade, P&G has been working towards improving the education quality for underprivileged children and this campaign is a simple yet moving story of fulfilling dreams by P&G Shiksha.

All these campaigns have created a brand identity in the customer’s mind and helped the companies to improve their brand equity. Today businesses need digital marketing to promote their products and services. Digital media campaigns when done right can spread the message like wildfire and can be very fruitful for your brand.