Flipkart Saathi to Humanize Indian Shopping Experience

In an attempt to ‘humanize’ online shopping experience for first-time users, the homegrown eCommerce giant Flipkart has rolled out a smart assistive feature called Flipkart Saathi to help users navigate through the website with the help of audio and textual instructions.

Flipkart Saathi aims at mimicking the typical real-life shopping experience for consumers who are comfortable being assisted by a salesperson. It uses a combination of text and audio-based instructions to guide new users in their eCommerce journey. This includes a list of key actions in the form of pop-up texts followed by audio for a better understanding. With this assistive interface, users will be able to see relevant information and search for their desired products in Hindi. 

Flipkart Saathi comes after Flipkart acquired artificial intelligence company Liv.ai, in August 2019, for $40 Mn. Liv.ai is deep learning and natural language tool for Indian languages. The platform has developed a speech recognition technology in nine Indian languages besides English.