What is BERT and how will it impact SEO?

Even though it’s been 10 days since Google announced its new  BERT algorithm update, no search results are as of now affected. For an algorithm that is going to affect 1 out of 10 search queries, this may be the calm before the storm. 

Claiming to be the most important update in 5 years, Google BERT will be focussing on long-tail keywords to understand the context of the content and make search results relevant for users. 

In layman terms, let’s say you’ve typed “Can Copywriters write better content?” here, the word better can lead to a no. of different meanings and eventually half of your search results do not relate to your search query. Of course, as humans, we know that in the example’s context, but before BERT, Google didn’t understand this. It matched the word “better” with “getting better from illness,” which doesn’t have anything to do with what the searcher is looking for. In the simplest way, Google BERT is helping Google better understand prepositions like “for” and “to” the confusing parts which can alter the meaning of a sentence.

As of now, Google BERT is being tested on one of every 10 searches only on the U.S. English search results. Not much of change is expected in the countries outside the U.S. and 90% of searches still return results without BERT’s input. 

What is BERT and how will it impact SEO?

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