Focus groups and qualitative research methods are ideally suited to both B2B and consumer research and the exploration and discovery of new insights. Groups are often also used as a precursor to a large scale quantitative survey to help develop the questionnaire to ensure it is both relevant and focused. Focus groups (also known as Group Discussions or Workshops) have many applications, For example, we have used them to capture the perceptions, opinions, and beliefs towards a brand or product, explore customer service and experiences, develop concepts, evaluate advertising, idea generation, review packaging design or simply to understand markets and shoppers in more detail.

We use both traditional and online data capture approaches, including:

  • Focus Groups
  • IDI
  • Focus groups
  • Homework
  • Online Qual (including bulletin boards)
  • Diaries
  • Larder audits
  • Deprivation,
  • Disposable cameras and Video Vox Pops.

Qualitative research is a bit like detective work, so we use investigative techniques to get close to your customers.


In addition to the “extended” online communities, we also deliver shorter-term seminars. They contain all of the same features and benefits of a standard online community but will run short term. Discussion threads are designed to align with the project objectives – and the feedback is fast, deliberative and detailed. This approach affords several benefits over other qualitative research methods (such as focus groups):

  • Greater levels of engagement
  • Thinking time for participants, researchers, and clients
  • Flexibility to amend discussions throughout the fieldwork period
  • Ability to easily update and download videos and photos
  • Provides a more considered and open response, especially around sensitive issues
  • It delivers the “best of both” – discussion and debate (like groups) and an ability to drill down to understand the individual (like depths)
  • Provides scope for a broader geographical coverage
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