Product Research


Product research is a vital part of new product development. At every stage of the process, research can help you identify key issues and avoid expensive mistakes. Initial product research can be used to evaluate new ideas. Testing a concept can help you discard unpromising ideas, allowing you to concentrate on investment of time and money on products with the best chance of achieving commercial success. It’s also well worth creating a “minimum viable product”, a simple version that you can use to get customer feedback at the earliest possible stage.

TOS works from early-stage product development, which connects consumers with designers, through to in-home testing and later-stage validation. We currently focus on behavioral science principles that combine the hard data of sales potential with active and passive learning. Brand and design teams use this information to optimize their products. To evaluate, optimize and forecast the potential of products.

TOS combines on-the-ground testing in 90 markets with best-in-class 2D, 3D, and 360 online shopping environments through virtual shelf research. We employ risk-based assessment from early development through to late-stage validation, using explicit and implicit methods grounded in behavioral science.

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